Continuing the Conversation: Readers' Advisory: How to Balance Your Library's Reading Budget

We just wrapped up the first session of Neal Wyatt and Joyce Saricks’  workshop Readers’ Advisory: How to Balance Your Library’s Reading Budget. We’ve gathered questions from the chat window so that Neal and Joyce can respond and elaborate.

Please continue the discussion of these, and any other questions you might have in the comments area. Neal and Joyce will be chiming in.

  • Can you give some tips for working within a limited budget?
  • Even if you don't like a particular book or author, you can know the intended audience and what people like about it, right? Doesn't that help compensate if your personal opinion is negative?
  • We are in a small community. How far should we extend our boundaries?
  • Review sources rarely provide critical review information.  Our readers are looking for qualitative info as well as appeal terms.  Suggestions?

The Preliminary Readings for this Workshop Were:

At Leisure with Joyce Saricks: The Curse of the Best-Seller List.
(Booklist January 1, 2007).

At Leisure with Joyce Saricks: Book Jackets.
(Booklist July, 2007).

At Leisure with Joyce Saricks: Reading (and Writing) Reviews.
(Booklist December 1, 2007).

At Leisure with Joyce Saricks: Recognizing What’s Popular.
(Booklist , February 1, 2011)

All 4 articles above are available at

The RA Tool Kit by Neal Wyatt
(Library Journal June 15th, 2008)

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Session:

Lists to Know and Publicize

Sites to keep track of best sellers lists

Staying on top of best sellers

Neal and Joyce’s Slides: