Diane Kovacs' job reference ecourse starts soon


Diane Kovacs’ syllabus for her ecourse "Job and Employment Reference on the Web" shows a targeted approach. well-suited to a tough market in which scattershot simply won’t cut it. She teaches how to get local and industry-specific. Clicking through her course pages, I quickly found what people are earning in Chicago. And then, I explored a path not taken, a career in science, unlikely now as a second career.
The course starts the week of May 2, and you still have plenty of time to jump-in and get started. See the course listing  in the ALA Store for more information and to purchase. 

Diane organizes her lessons around classes of industries. You’ll have readings that point to specific Web resources. As assigments, she will present scenarios of job reference questions. Participants will pick one, describe the search strategy, and  findings.  Diane is ready to give feedback to any participants who want it. Below are scenarios from  the “Business, Accounting, Finance, and Managerial Jobs” lesson.

  1. I'm an accounts manager for a local company. I'd like to find out about other jobs in this and other states. My experience is in specialty steel products. Is there any information about jobs for managers on the Web? Are there international jobs available? Anywhere with beaches and no snow?
  2. I have a B. S. degree in Finance and more than 10 years of experience. I need to stay in x state. How can I find good jobs that fit my qualifications.
  3. I have a B. A. in Sociology but I've got more than 10 years of experience working in business administration/sales management, etc. I was just laid off when the company I worked for relocated, I need to stay in x state. How can I find good jobs that fit my qualifications?
  4. I've run my own business for 15 years and now I want to get a job working for someone else. How can I find executive level jobs in x state, country, locality?
  5. I graduated this past spring with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Are there any jobs out there? Where are they?
  6. Twenty years, I worked for x company, as a regional sales rep... now I'm laid off. Where can I look for jobs that pay almost as well but don't take me out of x state/x city?
  7. I have a high school diploma but I have some experience managing fast food restaurant - are there better paying manager jobs for people without college degrees?
  8. I want to be an accountant - do I have to get a four year degree? What kinds of jobs are there for people with accounting (or other similar) degrees?

What better way to serve your community than helping  jobseekers find work. Diane can teach you how to quickly point your people to the most useful resources.