Free Webinar: Real-Life Strategies for Successful Library Job Hunting

Though not as active as we’d like, the library job market is a market. Some libraries are posting positions. Many candidates are making their pitch. Some are getting hired. Nobody knows the marketplace better than the the job hunters themselves. To discuss it, Andromeda Yelton and Tiffany Mair will lead a free webinar forum on January 4, 2012, at 2:00 pm Eastern, “Real-Life Strategies for Successful Library Job Hunting.” Register.

In October, we hosted a webinar with Jeannette Woodward, author of A Librarian’s Guide to an Uncertain Job Market. Impressed by the ideas and information-sharing streaming through an active chat window, we invited Andromeda and Tiffany, 2010 library school graduates now employed after long searches, to push the interactivity of of the WebEx platform. We want to hear from job hunters on the opportunities and obstacles in today's market and together share ideas on how to get that job.

With an eye to the chat window, Andromeda and Tiffany will offer a few conversation starters, such as:

  • networking online and in-person.
  • cultivating your personal brand.
  • effective cover letter strategies.
  • coping with discouragement.
  • limits of geography and questions of relocation.

Andromeda and Tiffany are both 2011 ALA Emerging Leaders.

Before joining libraryland, Andromeda (@ThatAndromeda) taught Latin to middle school boys. She now works as a member of the founding team at Gluejar, doing  library outreach, technology infrastructure, usability, and communications and, in startup fashion, whatever else.  Andromeda earned her MLS at Simmons and has a BA in Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College and an MA in Classics from Tufts. One of the leaders of the crowdsourced philanthropy project Buy India a Library, she blogs at Across Divided Networks and at ALA TechSource.

Tiffany (@tiffanylora) recently relocated from midtown Sacramento to a Central Coast beachtown for her first post-graduate professional position as Supervising Librarian, Technology for Monterey County Free Libraries (MCFL). She plans and implements learner-focused technology training programs for patrons and staff, helps manage MCFL’s online presence, and supports integrated library systems customization. Tiffany earned her MLIS at San Jose State University and has a BA in English Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies from Mills College.  She  blogs at Infodetective.

Register today to join the discussion with Andromeda and Tiffany on Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 2:00 p.m. Eastern.