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How to Read a Book in 10 Minutes

Posted by Jessica E. Moyer

Jessica Moyer is co-author of The Readers’ Advisory Handbook. The following guidelines, a fundamental technique of readers’ advisory, draw on the work of several forebears and as well as the appeal factors published in Joyce Saricks’ Readers Advisory Service in the Public Library, Third Edition.

To get started grab a book you haven’t read before, by an author you don’t know, and preferably one that you don’t intend to read later. As you follow the steps below be sure to make notes.  Remember you only have 10 minutes so read and write quickly!

  •  Start with the cover. What does it tell you about the book?
    • Do the cover images look like they are aimed at a particular sex or age?
    • Is the cover image off-putting to its intended audience or obviously...
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