How We Market Your Book

Customized Marketing Materials

We can customize coupons, business cards, and bookmarks for you to hand out at conferences and other events! Please send your address, the requested quantity, and the date needed by to Rob Christopher at Include the type of event and event date when applicable. We appreciate four weeks advance notice.

In a fun and useful format, this is a great way to promote your book and hand out something people can use again and again!

Custom slide deck for presentations.

The size of a business card, these are perfect to carry around and hand out at events and speaking engagements.

Send us your preferred contact information (library, personal, small business, etc.) and we will send you business cards with your book on them!

For use on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email, or any other digital communications.


How You Can Help Market Your Book

After publication . . .

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Drop us a line—we’re excited to work together with you to make your book a success!

Rob Christopher
Marketing Coordinator
ALA Editions | ALA Neal-Schuman
email Rob | 312-280-5052

Purchases of ALA Editions | ALA Neal-Schuman products fund advocacy, awareness, and accreditation programs for library and information professionals worldwide.

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